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Important Information

Please read the following information to familiarise yourself with our accounting procedures.

  • We have no contract with Medical Aids and therefore have no direct dealings with them. This is your responsibility.
  • Prior authorisation may be required from your medical aid before proceeding with orthodontic treatment.
  • Payment is due directly after each appointment by way of cash, credit/debit cards, cheque, or internet transfers (EFT).
  • Please note that online banking facilities are available in our offices.
  • A correctly formatted statement reflecting your payment will be handed to you after your appointment for you to forward to your medical aid claims department for processing.
  • To assist in budgeting the cost of full treatment with fixed braces a payment plan can be arranged over the duration of treatment.
  • This payment plan is offered only on condition that a debit order mandate is arranged on your bank account prior to commencement of the active treatment.
  • Attractive discounts are offered if full payment is made for orthodontic treatment with fixed braces.

Please discuss with me or my staff any concerns that you may have about these accounting procedures before going ahead with your appointment.

Adult Questionnaire

Patient History form for adults. Please complete before your full orthodontic investigation.

Procedures and Appointments Scheduling

You or your child will undergo a half hour routine pre-treatment orthodontic examination followed by a brief discussion.
If required and time allows and you are happy to proceed a full orthodontic investigation is then carried out. This will include X-rays, photographs and impressions for study models. Otherwise a half hour orthodontic records appointment is scheduled at a later date.

These records are carefully analysed and a treatment plan formulated. This treatment plan is then presented and discussed with you at a subsequent appointment. You will have the option of having your braces fitted immediately after this appointment or you may want time to consider the treatment proposals and have your braces fitted later.

Once the brace has been fitted time is then spent explaining in great detail how to care for your brace and your teeth during the active treatment period. Co-operation in this regard is highly essential to ensure the success of your treatment.
The orthodontic brace is adjusted periodically at 6 to 8 week intervals until the teeth are aligned to our mutual satisfaction.

The first consultation appointment, the orthodontic records, the treatment plan discussion and the fitting of the braces are all lengthy procedures taking from half an hour to an hour and half to complete.
The adjustment appointments are shorter and take from 10 to 15 minutes. In order for our time to be managed as effectively and as efficiently as possible the long appointments will be confined to the mornings only while the adjustment appointments will be confined to the afternoons.
All adult patient appointments will be scheduled in the mornings only.

If you have any queries with the above procedures please do not hesitate to discuss this with a member of staff.

Child Questionnaire

Patient History form for children. Please complete before your full orthodontic investigation.

Payment Options

Payment is normally done directly after each appointment by way of cash, cheque, credit card or internet transfer (facilities available).

Treatment payment plans
Payment plans over the duration of the treatment can be arranged by way of monthly instalments. Debit orders on your bank account are required to be arranged for the monthly instalments.

Retail Capital are an approved finance partner. Click on the logo below for more information.

Frequent Questions

1.Will the braces hurt?

For a few days there is some initial discomfort and patients are advised to eat softer foods and take mild analgesics should they experience any discomfort. Many people experience little to no discomfort throughout their treatment as the Damon System uses considerably less force with the use of such light wires.

This does depend on the type of problem and can range from 12 months to over two years.

Lingual braces (inside braces) are not usually offered, although Dr Tindall is qualified to use them. This system tends to be more uncomfortable, affects the speech and uses heavier forces, which tends to extend the duration of treatment considerably. Please feel free to discuss this option with Dr Tindall.

We do stock gum guards at our office otherwise you can also use a Shock Doctor available at most sports shops.

Dr Tindall is a certified Invisalign orthodontist. While this is now offered in South Africa it is very expensive. We offer an in house "Digital Aligner System" which is much more cost effective.

This is usual but not necessary.