February 18th, 2019

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Dr. Renton Tindall Inc. Orthodontist B.D.S.,M.DENT. (Witwatersrand)


A look of beauty is a look of health and nothing can match that healthy glow that accompanies the oral comfort and stability that goes with a fully functional and healthy set of teeth. Straight teeth are easier to maintain and generally are in harmony with jaw movements, which may prevent the onset of joint discomfort, facial pain and headaches.


Another very important aspect is that the orthodontic alignment of the teeth should be so designed as to support the face and lips, which therefore in the long term provides a more youthful facial appearance. A lovely balanced youthful smile also goes a long way to help create high levels of self esteem and self-confidence.


We offer shorter treatment time, a more comfortable experience and a discreet look, especially now with the new clear braces! Treatment typically can be six months faster than with other technologies, with up to seven fewer office visits, which make the system convenient for busy schedules.


Our philosophy of orthodontic practice is that each and every patient receive the orthodontist’s undivided attention in all aspects of orthodontic care. For this reason there is only the need for one dental chair as there is no delegation of treatment procedures to auxiliary staff.


We employ all the latest technology with a fully computerised dedicated orthodontic practice management system, a digital x-ray unit, which emits the lowest radiation levels and a 3D Scanner, which captures and generates virtual study models from patient’s mouth impressions.


All this optimises efficiency and accuracy in treatment planning and the execution thereof. Also these digital systems greatly assist in accurate appointment scheduling to ensure we always run on time!


We invite you to visit us for a consultation to learn how orthodontics can improve your smile, your facial balance and the health of your teeth and gums, at any age.

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Dr. Renton Tindall Inc. Orthodontist, Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal