January 20th, 2019

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Dr. Renton Tindall Inc. Orthodontist B.D.S.,M.DENT. (Witwatersrand)

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Orthodontist: Dr Renton Tindall

Dr Tindall’s philosophy of orthodontic practice is that each and every patient should receive his undivided attention in all aspects of orthodontic care.

All orthodontic records (x-rays, photos and study models), the placement of braces, the adjustment of braces, the removal of braces and the placement of fixed and removable retainer braces are all carried out by him. So there is personalised care at the highest level. Dr Tindall works only in one dental chair and does not believe in multiple chairs and the delegation of treatment procedures to auxiliary staff.

He employs all the latest technology with a fully computerised dedicated orthodontic practice management system (OrthoTrac) , a digital x-ray unit, which emits the lowest radiation levels and a 3D Scanner, which captures and generates virtual study models from patient’s mouth impressions. All this optimises his efficiency and accuracy in treatment planning and the execution thereof. Also these digital systems greatly assist in accurate appointment scheduling to ensure that Dr Tindall always runs on time!

Coupled with the very efficient and state of the art passive self-ligating Damon brace system ensures that treatment proceeds smoothly, comfortably and in the shortest possible time.


Dr. Renton Tindall Inc. Orthodontist, Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal