An update of new orthodontic services offered in this practice

It is the recommendation of the American Association of Orthodontists, which is also endorsed by the South African Society of Orthodontists that all children from the ages of 7 years and above should be screened by an orthodontist in order to check on the tooth, jaw and facial development. Often by recognizing and intercepting a developing problem early can facilitate or even prevent full orthodontic treatment later. We are offering this screening service free of charge!


, Updated Orthodontic Services

, Updated Orthodontic Services , Updated Orthodontic Services


Whilst your general dentist may have an interest in orthodontics and may have attended a number of short courses they do not have the extensive post graduate orthodontic qualifications and the experience to accurately assess growth and development of your child’s teeth and facial structures.


  • The consultation fee will be waived should you elect to proceed with the orthodontic records i.e. X-rays, models and photographs. Please note that the fees paid for these includes all the detailed treatment planning and the subsequent half hour appointment to discuss this.
  • We will continue to offer family discounts on treatment fees for siblings of previously treated patients and also for those having treatment at the same time.
  • In order to assist in these tough economic times we are offering a more affordable treatment option known as the SynergyR.


The braces and materials provided with this system will be stainless steel lower friction braces.

These braces are less sophisticated and are not nearly as efficient as the Damon system of orthodontic treatment that we routinely use but are slightly more efficient than conventional brace system.

These metal SynergyR braces may be also customised with colours on the front teeth to make them trendier!

, Updated Orthodontic Services , Updated Orthodontic Services , Updated Orthodontic Services



  • We are also excited to offer mainly to adults a digital computer aided design clear “Essix” aligner system for less complicated tooth alignment problems. These are a series of clear aligners, which are fitted in sequence in 2-3 weekly intervals to move teeth incrementally (0.5mm) towards their final alignment. This can take from 3-6 months to complete depending on the severity of the tooth malalignment.

, Updated Orthodontic Services , Updated Orthodontic Services

Please contact us for any further information you may require and we look forward to attending to your orthodontic needs!