Care & Maintenance

It is very important to maintain a healthy mouth throughout your orthodontic treatment to prevent any damage to your teeth and gums. You need to follow a strict cleaning and eating plan.

All your cleaning requirements are available in our oral health shop.

, Care & Maintenance
, Care & Maintenance
, Care & Maintenance


We do not want you to eat foods that would damage your teeth and your braces. Please avoid hard, sticky, chewy foods and fizzy drinks and use your common sense. Cut food into bite size pieces and chew cautiously.


Clean under the wire next to each bracket in order to remove plague, which your tooth brush may not reach.


We use wax to help heal ulcers that may develop from the rubbing of the brace against the inside of your lips and cheeks. These will toughen up in about 10 days to 2 weeks after fitting


Brush and rinse each time after eating. Thoroughly clean your teeth and braces once a day in the following sequence and the best time is before bedtime. This can take up to 10 minutes!


Manual or electric? We advise electric brushes. Spend 2 minutes brushing the area between the brace and the gums, this is the “danger zone”, then brush the other surfaces as normal.


Your teeth will be sensitive to bite on in the first few days. Eat softer foods that don’t require chewing and take a pain tablet if this bothers you especially before bedtime.


Super floss is easier to use with braces. You need to thread under the wires then floss as normal.


We advise an antiseptic fluoride mouth rinse which should be used daily before bedtime and then after breakfast for the day.


You will need to wear a gum guard over your braces if you play any contact sport.

, Care & Maintenance

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