Did You Know? 
AUGUST 15, 2013
(Special blog post contributed by Ormco, the manufacturer of Damon® Smile)

Whether you’re in treatment now or thinking about getting braces, here are four fun bracket facts that you may not know!

Fact: Your chances of being struck by lightning this year are 1 in 700,000, odds that don’t increase if you have braces .

Fact: Braces are made from non-magnetic materials, which means they will never rust, you’re not in danger of a lip-locking nightmare and you won’t set off any metal detectors. Car

Fact: Corvettes and braces have something in common! Both the Corvette and the arch wires used in braces contain nickel titanium, an element with shape memory properties. This property makes it possible for the wires to easily bend via heat absorption or pressure.

Fact: In the 1900s, braces were primarily made of gold, but orthodontists also used silver and in some cases ivory or wood!