“Six Month Smiles”

You may have seen advertised by many general dentists that they use “Fast Braces” and claim they can straighten teeth in six months!

This nothing new! We orthodontists have been doing this for years.

We offer the same kind of treatment, which we call short-term orthodontics. It is a tooth coloured or metal fixed brace system that in about six months works to straighten just your front teeth (“the social six”). We achieve quicker results because we only focus on resolving cosmetic problems with NO bite correction.

We also use digitally designed clear removable Essix aligners, which can improve the alignment of your front teeth in a similar time. The use of one or the other system is dependent on the severity of the crookedness and the space requirements of the front teeth and we will advise you which one is most suitable for you.
It is therefore a compromise form of treatment and also has limitations in the management of space requirements often resulting in the need for filing the enamel between the teeth to create the necessary space.

The fixed brace system (brackets & wires) is the same as we use for our full comprehensive orthodontic treatment, which takes 15 -18 months to complete and doesn’t just straighten all your teeth but also improves the way they function and bite together.

It is very important to remember that these short-term systems are not designed to adjust your bite and in some instances your bite may feel even worse after treatment!

The shorter period of treatment is reflected in the price, and obviously costs considerably less than comprehensive orthodontic treatment. This form of treatment is mainly suitable for adults although some adolescents could also benefit.

Please arrange a consultation appointment with us so that we can advise you whether you are a good candidate for short-term orthodontics and which method will serve you best!

, Six Months Smiles
, Six Months Smiles