Dr Tindall uses the most up to date digital systems that enables a high degree of efficiency and accuracy in treatment planning and the execution thereof.

He employs all the latest technology with a fully computerised dedicated orthodontic practice management system (OrthoTrac) , a digital x-ray unit, which emits the lowest radiation levels and in conjunction with his specialist orthodontic technician uses a 3D Scanner, which captures and generates virtual study models from patient’s mouth impressions for the design and manufacture of clear aligners, which are used to align teeth.

Your health is our concern. For the protection of you and your family all instruments used in this practice are sterilised by Autoclave and disposables are use wherever possible. In line with DASA procedure a nominal charge may be made for cross infection control material, gloves, masks, etc.

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                The sterilizer                    X-Ray machine       3D Scanner                      OrthoTrac