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Edward H Angle

The speciality of orthodontics was the first and the oldest of the dental profession. In 1906 Edward H Angle from the U.S.A. the so-called father of modern orthodontics wrote a book “The Malocclusion of Teeth” the teachings from which are responsible for the many attitudes that still prevail.

Some interesting excerpts from this book:
“Orthodontia is a subject so great, so important, with such possibilities and rewards, that it is ample in itself for a life work of the best minds.”

“In fact, so exacting are its requirements that, unlike the general practice of dentistry, the mere smatterer can never hope for even moderate success, for often apparently very simple cases of malocclusion are in reality only symptoms of conditions whose management requires the broadest knowledge and mature judgement.”

“Orthodontia when mastered, and practiced as a specialty, becomes one of the most fascinating of the professions and gratifying in its practice….”

“Yet its exactions on the student and practitioner are so great that only those highly qualified in the science can ever hope to truly succeed; but for such there awaits a field almost limitless in extent and in which they will receive prompt recognition.”

Please be aware that if your general dentist suggests that your child needs orthodontic treatment that he may not be qualified to correctly assess your child’s need for treatment. You have every right to request the opinion of an orthodontic specialist for proceeding.

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